How To Become Member

Critical Care Medicine (CCM) is an evolving specialty overlapping multiple primary specialties. Recognizing the increasing need to consolidate the field and to promote awareness, continuing education and research in this field, the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) was formed on 9th October 1993.

A. Membership of the Society

Membership of the Society shall be of 7 categories viz

(a) Patron,

(b) Founder Life Member,

(c) Life Member,

(d) Associate Life Member,

(e) Honorary Life Member,

(f) Corporate Life Member,

(g) International Life Member.

*i) Eligibility Criteria for Various Memberships:

Patron any person, who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, can contribute to the image and objectives of the Society significantly. Patrons have no voting rights nor can they propose, second or hold any office of the Society.

Founder life Member Same as Life member but joining the Society before 31/12/1993.LIFE MEMBER Post graduate medical doctor from any institution or university recognised by the Medical Council of India or approved by the Executive Committee, with more than one year experience following post graduation, and with an active interest in Critical Care Medicine.

Associate life Member Person from medical, nursing or technical background, with an active interest in CCM but not fulfilling the criteria for Life member. They shall have no voting rights nor shall they contest any position in the Executive Committee.

Honorary life Member Person of renown, who has made outstanding contribution to the field of CCM. To be nominated by unanimous vote of Executive Committee & to be rectified by simple majority of the General Body.

They shall have no voting rights nor shall they contest any position in the Executive Committee.

Corporate life Member Person from industry with an active contribution to the requirements at CCM. They shall have no voting’s rights nor shall they contest any position in the Executive Committee. International life Member Life member but from a country other than India. They shall have no voting rights nor shall they contest any position in the Executive Committee.

**ii) Membership Procedure

The Executive Committee shall have the authority to admit / reject applications to all categories of membership to be decided at the Executive Committee Meeting. However conversion of an existing associated member to a Life Member shall be done by the General Secretary on payment of appropriate fees and furnishing necessary documents with information to the Executive committee at the Executive Committee Meeting. All decisions taken regarding membership applications at the National Executive Committee Meeting shall be final and binding on all applicants.

The membership application shall be in the form prescribed by the Executive Committee and shall be duly proposed and Seconded by existing valid members. It is shall be accompanied by documentary evidence of eligibility, qualification and prescribed fees by bank draft/cheque payable at Mumbai in the name “Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine”. All outstation cheques please add Rs.100/- (Hundred only).

*iii) Membership Fees:

Fees shall be as follows Life Member Rs.5,500, Associate Life Member Rs.2,750, International Life Member $420 (Saarc Countries $210), Corporate Life Member(Indian) Rs.55,125 & Corporate Life Member (International) $5250. Honorary Life Members shall pay no fees.

*iv) Online Membership Application Submission Details:

Please go to online submission at

*v) Cessation of Membership

The Executive Committee by 2/3 majority of total members may remove the name of any member from the Register of Members for gross misconduct after giving him a proper opportunity to defend himself and a hearing in person.

*vi) Privileges of Membership

All Life and Associate members shall be entitled to participate in all activities of the Society. Life members shall also receive a copy of the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine (IJCCM) and other periodical published by ISCCM free of cost (access to online and print version).The right to vote and contest Election shall rest only with Life members of more than 12 months standing.

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